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Perio Care dental clinic complies with and promotes all legal policies to eliminate the risk of infection.

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dr. Alin Drăgan, founder

'The Perio Care team has over 9 years experience in general dentistry and periodontal treatments. We are characterized by our care for the patient and our desire to identify the ideal treatment solutions, taking into account the patient's goals. Perio Care Dentistry: periodontal treatment Timisoara, periodontal disease treatments, dental implants Timisoara, root canal treatments, oral surgery, dentures, ceramic dental veneers, dental crowns.'


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At Perio Care we aim for our patients to benefit from the best periodontal treatments and more. On top of that we want to provide them with a place where their dental status can be monitored and problems that arise over time can be solved as easily and quickly as possible!

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Signs are: inflamed gums (deep red, shiny appearance), bleeding gums that do not disappear after 2-3 days, receding gums, tooth mobility, unpleasant smell (halitosis).
Unfortunately most of the time NO, so the patient doesn't realize and doesn't get to the office on time, that's why regular check-ups are needed. On the other hand its complications, such as periodontal abscesses DA, hurt a lot and leave irreparable consequences (bone loss).
In patients who have periodontitis and do not undergo periodontal treatment, it can lead to accelerated tooth loss.
We recommend regular check-ups every 6 months for patients who do not have major problems, but for patients with periodontitis, implants and braces we recommend a check-up every 3 months.
It doesn't hurt because it is performed under local anaesthetic. There may be some mild discomfort after the operation, but this may go away with the usual anti-inflammatories or painkillers.
It is advisable that the edentulous spaces are restored as soon as possible (replaced with artificial teeth), recommended on implants or on adjacent natural teeth depending on the particularities of the case.

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